Delay Condoms/Timing Condoms in Pakistan

Best collection of timing/delay condoms for men to increase their sex timing.

Josh Condoms
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Durex Condoms
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Dzire Condoms
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On this page you will find the right information about delay condoms/timing condoms that will make you wiser to select and purchase the right delay condoms that suit you.

What are Delay Condoms?

Almost every married man and well informed bachelor knows about condoms but mostly men are ignorant about delay condoms or timing condoms. Delay condoms are specially designed condoms that contain benzocaine lube that desensitize the male organ and make it numb for a certain period of time.

This desensitizing effect delays the climax and prolongs the pleasure moments for the men. They are considered as the best condoms for lasting longer and extended pleasure condoms to.

Who Can Use Timing Condoms?

Timing condoms are also known as extra time condoms and can be used by anyone specially the following types of men:

Delay Condoms Side Effects

Since the climax delay condoms are specially lubricated with benzocaine so unlike normal ones condoms with benzocaine have a numbing effect on the penis. Some men reported partial loss of erection on wearing benzocaine condoms. This happened in a few men and the only solution to it is to wear them just a few minutes before penetration. Now how many minutes before, depends upon man to man. You have to test and trial yourself.

Another complain by a few men is that they feel burning or tingling sensation on wearing delay condoms. Let us admit the fact that every man has different sort of skin and reaction to the benzocaine lube. If you are one of them then use of climax control condoms may not be suitable for you.

Instead of using timing condoms you may try delay sprays or delay creams that are much more effective for men with such problems.

How to Buy Delay Condoms/Timing Condoms in Pakistan?

Buying condoms from shops is still considered as a shameful act for most of us. However thanks to the internet as you can buy delay condoms in Pakistan also very easily through online vendors with full privacy.

Since sex topics are not openly discussed in Pakistan so buying them from shop seems to be a hectic process. Simply Google for timing condoms in Pakistan and you will find several websites that are selling condoms online. Compare, review a couple of them and make wise buying decisions.

Most of the online vendors offer full privacy of their products. Since you will get the climax delay condoms at your home or office address and of course you will not want that others may know about it. Do confirm from the vendor about privacy while ordering the product.

Good online shops send extra time condoms in such parcels/packets that are totally plain without any mark or information about the numbing condoms, so your privacy is secured.

We have partnered with suppliers of best quality condoms in Pakistan for our customers. Our suppliers are all trusted sellers and they specialize in providing us with best condoms for lasting longer. We ship delay condoms in Karachi, delay condoms in Lahore, Islamabad and all the major cities of Pakistan.

Few years back delay condoms in Pakistan were not popular and very less number of people knew about them but now due to information more and more are getting knowledgeable and so the demand of timing condoms in Pakistan is increasing day by day.

After all extended pleasure is the right of everybody and there’s nothing wrong to extend your pleasure moments. Sex shouldn’t be taken as a sinful thing as it is a natural activity like all other things.

How to take care of your Delay Condom?

Taking proper care of delay condoms is very important to avoid any problems or discomfort.