Delay Cream/Timing Creams for Men

Delay creams/timing creams for men to increase their timing and climax control.

About Delay Cream/Timing Cream

Delay cream or timing cream is a desensitizing cream that produces numbing effect on the male organ that helps men to control their climax and last longer in bed. That is why climax control creams are very popular all over the world.

Timing creams are beneficial for men who face problem of premature ejaculation. This problem has affected the married life of several men across the globe. In addition to the sex partner the man himself cannot enjoy the intimate moments properly.

So the solution came out in the form of timing cream for men and given the relief to them with increased pleasure. In most of the cases premature ejaculation is just a psychological matter and can be treated easily. Using delay cream is one of the easiest and quickest methods for controlling the climax.

What Can Timing Cream Do For You?

There are several benefits that original delay creams can provide to the men.

Delay Cream Side Effects

Till now no serious or remarkable side effects of delay cream has been reported. The main requirement is only not to exceed the limit. Some men whose male organ skin is extra sensitive reported the problem in having second erection after longer duration. Since it is an external cream that desensitizes the organ so after first intercourse you may need more than the normal time for getting erection again.

However this is not a very serious issue and can be tackled easily by reducing the amount of prolong cream before the first intercourse.

How to Use Delay Cream?

The timing cream is an external cream and can be used to delay climax few minutes before the game starts. It is used as follows:

Note: There is no fix number of stubs of delay cream because it differs from man to man so you have to experience, test and try yourself that how much cream is fine for you to have a comfortable intercourse.

There are not much technicalities involved in using it, so I am sure you know now that how to use delay cream? If you have any further questions or doubts you may contact us for clarification.

Delay Cream in Pakistan

The product is used throughout the world extensively and delay cream in Pakistan is also very popular. People around the country order it online and get it at the comfort of their homes. Since timing cream is not manufactured in Pakistan so it is imported from Germany, Thailand, China and other countries.

We the management at Mart55 have partnered with trusted and reliable sellers of timing cream in Pakistan and you as a businessman should be fully satisfied that the extra time cream that you purchase from our website is 100% genuine and original delay cream. We stand behind our products and if you find anything wrong with the prolong cream contact us and we will do our best to satisfy you with your purchase.

Keeping in view the increasing demand of timing cream for men, number of people have entered in to this business and started supplying wrong and copied products that doesn’t provide you with any benefit. So you have to beware of such people and only buy genuine and original desensitizing cream.

Delay Cream in Karachi

Good news for businessmen in Karachi that now they can order delay cream in Karachi easily at the comfort of their home or office. We have trusted sellers of extra time cream located right in the middle of Karachi city so that our customers can get the ordered product easily and without any delay.

No doubt Karachi is a large city and it is known as city of lights and is also the most populated and largest city of Pakistan. Most of the major businesses are located in Karachi and men of course need pleasure in their intimate moments. So we can deliver timing cream in Karachi without any problem and hassles. Be confident and order from Karachi and increase your pleasure.

Delay Cream in Lahore

Though most of our suppliers are Karachi based but thanks to the network of courier companies, we have no problem in providing timing cream in Lahore quickly. Our normal delivery time is 2-3 days and if there are no public holidays then you can get the desired product in Lahore within the given time frame.

Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan and people of the city are very jolly and love to have fun. They also love to enhance their joy and that is the reason that demand of delay cream in Lahore is ever increasing. Since people don't like to buy the stay longer cream and other sex related products from medical stores so they prefer shopping online of such products.

Delay Cream in Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Islamabad is the federal capital of Pakistan and Rawalpindi is an adjoining city to it, that's why both the cities are termed as ‘twin cities’. Islamabad and Rawalpindi are the most important cities because all the important government departments are located here.

Mostly people are well-educated and sophisticated and deeply concerned about their health. People living here also search and buy delay cream in Islamabad online to avoid hassles and problem of going to the market and searching for the desired products. Though there are number of suppliers of cream for men but because our headquarter is located in Islamabad so we face no problem in providing the timing cream in Islamabad easily and promptly. Rawalpindi is just near to us and our rep can easily deliver delay cream in Rawalpindi because the traveling time is not much and they are very close to each other.

Delay Cream in Peshawar, Faisalabad, Quetta, Sialkot & Other Cities

In addition to the top 3 major cities of Pakistan our sellers are fully capable of providing delay cream in Peshawar, that is capital of KPK and is also one of the major cities of Pakistan. Delay cream in Faisalabad and Sialkot is also provided easily an without any delay. If you are resident of Quetta, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Attock, Mardan, Nowshera, Abbotabad, Hyderabad, Sukkhur, Chakwal or any other city of Pakistan the quick and prompt postal and courier services can deliver the product without any problem.

Delay Cream Price in Pakistan

As mentioned before that it is an imported product so the delay cream price in Pakistan is naturally higher than the country of origin. This is a normal practice because the importers have to pay number of duties and transportation charges and several other overhead expenditures are included in the price of delay creams. However keeping in view the enjoyment the prices are not much as people across the country spend a lot on entertainment and other activities.

So why not to spend some extra bucks to make your pleasure moments more enjoyable with extra time cream. Be rest assured we will find the best vendor/supplier whose prices of timing cream are competitive of genuine and original delay creams to avoid any problem and incurring extra expenditures to our customers.

Popular and Best Delay Cream Brands

Though the market is full of number of creams but only a few can be termed as best or most popular brands that have most searches and are liked by men. They are Maxman delay cream, Largo, Procomil cream etc. Though there are others also but they are considered as the best because they are used by several men across the country and basing on the feedback of men we can say that the brands mentioned above are the most popular and liked creams for men. In addition to delay creams you may also like to test delay sprays and then decide about the product suiting your body needs.

Delay Cream Reviews

Basing on the feedbacks and e-mails received from our customers we have added some of the reviews of timing cream for your information. If you have used the last longer in bed cream then send us your reviews and we will add it here for the guidance and information of other men like you. Genuine and actual reviews of delay cream are welcome and simply e-mail us with your thoughts.

1. “I had problem of premature ejaculation and after reading the detailed guide given on I ordered delay cream in Karachi and found that the people here are very cooperative and they sent me the required product within 2 days. I am fully satisfied with their dealing and business style.” –MudassirMemon - Karachi

2. “I belong to Sukkhur but doing job in Islamabad and one day while searching I found this website selling stay longer cream so after comparing the prices I ordered delay cream in Islamabad. I got the telephone call after 20 minutes of ordering and after one day I received the parcel through courier services. Thanks for quick response.” ---Ahmed Yar – Islamabad

3. “My appreciation for the management of Alams for sending me delay cream in Lahore with full privacy and quickly. I will buy buy their other products soon and recommend them for all men. ---FakharZaman – Lahore

These were some of the delay cream reviews out of several others that we receive daily through SMS, e-mails etc. Obviously it is not possible to add all of them. You can contact us for more details about the products we offer.

Full Privacy 100% Guaranteed

We fully understand that such products are private in nature and we guarantee you more than 100% that your personal details like postal address, telephone number and e-mail will never ever be shared, sold or rented. We have ‘0’ tolerance policy in this regard.

We use SSL certificate so that any data transferred on our website like your information while ordering is secure and is not hacked by anyone else. We provide full security and privacy to you.

In addition to this all the intimate products like delay cream etc. are packed in plain boxes with no stickers, marks or mention of product name outside it. Nobody will come to know about the product while receiving the parcel. The box containing timing cream is tightly taped and securely packed.

We are open for any suggestions to further protect and ensure your privacy. So you can order delay cream in Pakistan without any worries of leaked privacy. Everything with us is private and secure.

Postal Services We Use

To deliver the product to you we use best courier services like TCS, OCS, Leopard Courier and some others for all the major cities where the courier services are available. For far fling areas where courier services are not available we use Pakistan Post because they have post offices in every nook and corner of Pakistan. You need not to worry about the delivery of your parcel. We try our level best to deliver the desired products to our customer in a professional manner and timely.

Final Word: We have tried to add all the required information about the product on this page. If you want to know something else or want further information about timing cream in Pakistan, you are welcome to contact the related person here through our contact e-mail and cell number. We will endeavor to provide you with the best possible information about the delay cream/timing creams.

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