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Real Estate in Islamabad is under Capital Development Authority (CDA) so you need to know the rules and regulations before buying/selling property here. Real estate agents and property dealers in Islamabad are well aware of all the rules of the real estate so you need to find a good real estate agent in Islamabad who is enjoying a good reputation.

Islamabad is the federal capital of Pakistan and is the first ever planned housing scheme, it is developed and planned by a competent department and most of the government offices and multinational companies head offices are located here. If you are lucky to get a chance to live in Islamabad then you can enjoy a very good living standard here. Remember not every real estate agent in Islamabad is working as a real professional and you may come across people who are part time property dealers, dealing with whom can incur you loss and frustration.

So it is always advisable to use your due diligence and consult different people before making any deal through real estate agent in Islamabad. If you are an investor then you must carry out your survey and recce of the Islamabad real estate and visit many property dealers in order to get a fair idea of the property. after you are satisfied then you can make a deal with the real estate agent of your choice.

If you are real estate agent who deals in sale/purchase of Islamabad property then you can make use of this page to advertise your real estate agency in Islamabad.

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