Equate Vagicaine Anti-Itch Cream

Equate anti-itch cream provides instant and long lasting relief from itching.

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Equate Vagicaine Anti-Itch Cream

Equate anti-itch cream in Pakistan provides instant relief from itching problem. Let us face it itching is not only problematic but also causes embarrassment to ladies. Equate  anti-itch cream is the best remedy and solution to this problem. Instant, Long-Lasting Relief From Painful, Burning Itch. Vitamin Enriched with E, A & D plus Aloe Soothes Wetness-Irritated Skin, Even Urine Irritation Painful, burning external feminine itch can be caused by:

Taking antibiotics Wearing a damp bathing suit discharge urine leakage The strongest medicine you can buy for painful burning and itching. Instant, Long-lasting relief from intense, painful itching Skin-soothing vitamins plus moisturizing aloe soothes irritation caused by wetness - even urine wetness Forms a protective film to help reduce the chance of further irritation Deodorizes, freshens.

Equate Vagicaine Anti-Itch Cream Benefits:

  • Temporarily relieves itching
  • Equate cream provides instant, long-lasting relief from intense itch
  • Soothes with vitamin E, A and D plus aloe
  • Equate Vagicaine anti-itch cream is great for relieving itchiness. However, It have found when use this product that for a couple of minutes after put it on, there is an intense burning sensation. After the first few minutes, the burning subsides, and there is definitely relief from any itching. The product is inexpensive and has a pleasant smell, so if you can get past the first few minutes of discomfort, it's not a bad choice.

    How to Buy Equate Anti-Itch Cream in Pakistan?

    Buying Equate Anti-Itch Cream in Pakistan is very easy through ordering online, simply fill out the order form and you will get the product in plain packing at your doorstep.

    Equate Vagicaine Anti-Itch Cream