Deadly Shark Power 25000

Deadly Shark Power 25000 delay spray for men

Brand: Deadly Shark 25000
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About Deadly Shark Power Spray

Deadly Shark Power delay spray is a popular brand of delay spray that is used by men all over the country. It comes in different series  but the most popular in Pakistan are deadly Shark 25000 and deadly shark 48000 and are most searched delay spray brands. It is mostly available online and it is the best method to get the spray as you get full privacy guarantee.

Benefits of Deadly Shark Power Spray

Deadly Shark spray increases men timings and reduces the effects of premature ejaculation, due to which the men can increase the pleasure for themselves and their partners. It is an affordable delay spray and most of the men can buy it without burdening their pockets. Some of the online sellers charge separate delivery charges but we value our customers and dispatch deadly shark power spray without any delivery charges, it means you get the same price as you see on our website.

Using the spray is very easy and detailed usage of the spray in Urdu is given here: How to Use Delay Spray in Urdu

While talking about the side effects there are no side effects of the spray however some men reported to have tingling sensation for a short time. However it is a temporary sort of effect that is experienced by a very small number of men with extra sensitive skin. You can read about the side effects of delay spray in Urdu and learn about it in details.

Precautions While Using Deadly Shark 25000 Spray

Though there are almost nill side effects of the delay spray because it is only for external use, however following points may help you to derive right and full benefits of the spray:

Since the spray desensitizes the male organ so some care must be exercises while using it. Never spray it close to your eyes, nose or mouth. After the intercourse wash your organ properly with clean, fresh water. Do not apply Deadly Shark 25000 delay spray to early because if you do so it may effect your hardness and erection. Normally 15 -20 minutes before the game is considered as ok but you have to test and try it according to your own requirements and physical needs.

Side Effects of Deadly Shark 25000

No serious side effects have been ever reported of the original Deadly Shark 25000 delay spray. The only effect it has is that it makes the sexual organ numb and it may get difficult for some men to have erection after one intercourse to early. You may have to wait for longer duration to have a second go. This cannot be termed as a serious side effect because it is a normal physical change that subsidizes after some times.

How to Buy Deadly Shark 25000 Delay Spray in Karachi/Lahore/Islamabad?

You can shop for Deadly Shark 25000 delay spray online by following methods:

1. Fill out the order form with complete details, on receiving your order the company's rep will confirm from you about the order and address etc and your order will be shipped to you through courier immediately. Normally you will receive your Deadly Shark 25000 spray within 1-2 business days.

2. Alternatively you can call or SMS on the given numbers and our rep will respond immediately.

We Respect Your Privacy

a. Sexual matters are always treated as personnel matters and we fully respect your privacy. We do not share, rent or disclose your personnel information like phone number, name or address etc. We have 0% tolerance policy in this regard and be rest assured that we seriously care about it.

b. The Deadly Shark 25000 delay spray bottles/cans are specially packed in cases with no information on it. We use special adhesive tapes to secure the product that cannot be opened by children easily.

c. Our courier staff will call you before delivering the product so that you can arrange to receive the product yourself or your nominated person. In most of the cases we offer Cash on Delivery option to our clients.

Final Words

We believe in long term business relationships and provide full guarantee for the products we deliver. If you like Deadly Shark 25000 Delay Spray or Deadly Shark 25000 Spray then we would request you to please refer more friends to us. In addition to this if you are our repeat customer of Deadly Shark 25000 delay spray then you qualify for a special discount or a gift from us. Men also ask for deadly shark 48000 spray in addition to this product.

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