Moringa Oil in Pakistan

Moringa  oil in Pakistan is getting very popular as people are learning its benefits for hair, skin and over all health. Though organic Moringa oil has been used since ages for different health purposes it has gained popularity in the recent years when the beauty and health industry started using it extensively in their products.

Moringa oil is obtained after pressing Moringa seeds by cold press or other conventional oil extracting methods and is then packed in different bottles, packing and is marketed to the end users. It is commonly known as Moringa oil, Ben oil or Drumstick oil according to the vocabulary and understanding, language of the users, some people also call it miracle oil. Moringa oil is being used in several herbal medicines since long.

In ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt Moringa oil has been used as cooking oil, essential oil, cosmetics, creams, ointments and is also used as industrial oil. It is also considered as a best source of bio-fuel and extensive research is being carried out on it to use it as a best bio-fuel.

Nutritional Value of Moringa Oil

Moringa oil is extensively rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and is considered as very beneficial for health. According to the research it contains following nutrition:

Vitamin E

 Moringa oil in Pakistan is extremely rich in Vitamin E and not only one type but three types of Vitamin E – α-tocopherol, ϒ-tocopherol and δ-tocopherol- are present in Moringa Oil. In whatever way you use the Ben oil, whether eat it or apply on your skin orally the Vitamin E present in it will strengthen your immune system and protect the skin from damage. All the three types of Vitamin E completely protect the skin from harsh and damaging elements and also from the damaging effect of the sun. That is why the oil is extensively used in preparation of beauty products.

If rubbed regularly on the fine lines and wrinkles they will start diminishing over time thus reducing the aging effects on the face and body.


Moringa oil is also full of Flavonoids that are known to strengthen the blood vessels and curb inflammation. These are typically antioxidants that offer great protection to the body and keep internal health strong. These are also extremely effective for good skin and hair health and have the ability to fight against aging effects on the body and skin.


Cold pressed Moringa oil is rich in ‘good’ cholesterol and phytosterol that offer benefits like controlling cholesterol levels, managing diabetes, anti inflammatory properties, improving osteoarthritis conditions, improving blood sugar levels and more.

Due to the above mentioned nutrition Moringa oil in Pakistan is gaining immense popularity and more and more people are using it for their skin and health benefits. In addition to the cosmetic industry Moringa oil is also used for cooking purposes in Pakistan as it is equal and bit better than olive oil. When used as cooking oil it provides with best health benefits and make you healthy and strong.

How to Buy Moringa Oil in Pakistan?

Since Moringa is not very common in Pakistan and only a few companies are preparing its products so mostly Moringa oil is only available on online shops or some selected health stores. If you are interested to buy Moringa oil then simply fill out the order form or contact us through our help line and we will deliver best quality of Moringa oil in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi and all cities of Pakistan. We have developed exclusive Moringa shop for people who are desirous of getting Moringa products online for their health needs.

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