How to Use Moringa Powder?

By: Ejaz Alam | Topic: Product Guide

In this post we will talk about, how to use Moringa powder to derive maximum benefits from it. Using Moringa powder properly is not difficult at all, provided you are aware of using Moringa.

Moringa powder is a miracle highly nutritious powder that contains almost all essential vitamins and amino acids. In addition to this it is full of calcium, iron, minerals and potassium etc. that is must to maintain a healthy life. It also has anti-aging properties and is liked by elderly people very much.

You can use Moringa powder in different forms and it is up to you what method or form you like. Normally Moringa powder is used in drinks; if you have developed a taste for Moringa powder then you can simply add 1-2 spoons into plain water and drink it after stirring well. However number of people doesn’t like this way to use Moringa powder.

Another way to use it is to add 1-2 teaspoons in boiling water and make tea of it and you can also add sugar, lemon or honey according to your taste. I have been using this method since several months and it suits me very much. This idea was given to me by my wife when I asked her, ‘how to use Moringa Powder’ and after thinking for a while she came out with this brilliant idea.

People who do not want to use it raw, they can also get Moringa tea that is available in the form of tea bags also. However till the time you get a new packet of Moringa tea bags, you can use Moringa powder as your tea.

Some people use Moringa powder in their curry as it just gets mixed in it and can be easily consumed with bread etc. When you make custard or any sweet dish you can also add some Moringa powder in it and the taste will get mixed with it. Adding Moringa powder to curries is a better option as you can then consume it on regular basis.

You can also use Moringa Powder in milk shakes, soft drinks, smoothies etc. There is no hard and fast rule as how to use Moringa Powder and it all depends on your taste and likings that how you want it.

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