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Best Advertising agencies in Rawalpindi listings for you to select the best advertising agency that suits your requirements and budget.

Advertising agencies in Rawalpindi can be very helpful to get your business ads in print media which is one of the most useful and cost effective way of introducing your business and services. Print media includes daily newspapers, weekly /monthly magazines etc. The advertising cost in newspapers and magazines is very low and have extensive circulation.

They are readily available to a large segment of society at much cheaper rates. For increasing your sales you may advertise your business in the print media through a reputed advertising agency to achieve the desired results.

Advertising in Newspapers

There a number of national dailies circulating in the country. Some of them are distributed locally but there are some who which have large market share and have a large circulation. The larger the circulation of a newspaper, greater will be the ad rates. Big companies opt for bigger size ads, talk with some established advertising agencies in Rawalpindi to get the best possible rates for advertising your business.

If you are a new business you can opt for 3 lines classified ads to. They also get equal exposure. Advertising depends on your budget. If you can write good ad copy ( i.e maximum information in minimum words) low cost classified ads can also have good affect. Your advertising agency manager is the right person to advise you in this regard.

You should carry out a thorough research before selecting any newspaper. If your business is a local one then opt for local newspapers. You may also like to contact some good advertising agencies to assist you in deciding. Since they are working as agents of several newspapers they will guide you much better.

One of the main draw back of advertising in newspapers is that your advert remains in front of the people for a day or two. After that the newspaper is thrown away or is used for other purposes. But if you have some good product or service to sell then the interested people will note down your contact information and your ad is not wasted.

Advertising In Magazines

Though magazines have low circulation as compared to newspapers but your ad remains active for much longer duration. There are some magazines owned by big companies and have much more circulation, ask for the list of the most active magazines from your your advertising agency or manager.

You can find number of niche magazines in the market which may be related to your product or service. These can provide you much better exposure. This includes health, business, fashion and technical magazines etc.

The cost of advertising in magazines is bit higher as compared to newspapers but in most cases the rates are negotiable to. If you are a regular advertiser or opt for quarterly or yearly contract with the magazine then you can get big discounts. In addition to this advertising agencies in Rawalpindi have long established contacts with the magazine publishing companies so you can expect discounted rates after some negotiations.

Final Word

Advertising in print media is the time tested and effective method of conveying your message. Whether it is a newspaper or a magazine, your primary objective is to announce your business. If you have good useful product or service then any advertising media can be useful for you. Get the help of experienced Advertising agency in Rawalpindi to help you write a good ad copy. After researching and discussing announce your business in the print media, you will surely get good results. HAPPY ADVERTISING

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