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About Pakistan Real Estate

Property and real estate sector in Pakistan is progressing at a very fast pace. There was a time when property prices were very low and reachable by common man but now this sector is moving ahead very rapidly. The main boost started in the second half of the General Musharaf government when suddenly investment in property increased manifold. The prices of plots and houses got double and even triple within a short span of time.

There are many real estate developers in the country but the most reputed and dependable are only two, DHA and Bahria Town. It will not be wrong to say that Bahria Town followed by DHA have changed the over all trend of real estate sector in Pakistan. Since Bahria Town is owned by a hard working and lucky person who employed the latest development techniques of property development and dealt honestly with his clients so it has achieved high level of trust among people. Similarly DHA is owned and managed by military people and their credibility is beyond doubts so it has also established a solid reputation in the property market.

There are many other good housing companies that provide their clients with excellent service and offer very good property deals but their number and volume is very low. The two property giants started their operation in Rawalpindi and after having a strong foot hold here they extended their operation in other major cities of the country like Lahore and Karachi. They are strong groups with efficient management and their real estate development is superb. Bahria Town has employed several foreign qualified professionals in addition to reputed property developers of the world.

Many real estate agents in Islamabad and Rawalpindi got very rich because of dealing in these two housing schemes. Unlike normal property dealing where patwari and tehsildar role is must the companies have devised their own one window operation of buying/selling property in their housing schemes. This has made the process of real estate dealing very easy and respectable. Proper record of all the property is computerized and well maintained that has reduced the chances of fraud to almost negligible. Due to this reason not only local investors but also the foreign investors happily invest in the real estate sector of Pakistan without any worries.

It has now become as attractive as Islamabad property and its value is increasing every day. there are many people in Islamabad who have sold their properties there and are buying real estate in DHA and Bahria Town. This is because they are getting almost same living standard at a much cheaper rate in DHA and Bahria sectors. If you are an investor or want to buy property for yourself then do consider investing in Bahria Town and DHA real estate.

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