Viga Delay Spray

Super Viga delay sprays for men to increase their timing and climax control.

Choose from the variety of Viga spray that suits your requirements and budget.

What is Viga Delay Spray?

Viga delay spray is  a desensitizing spray that makes the male organ numb for a certain period of time so that the warmth and lubrication feeling is minimized. As a  result men have better control over their climax. There are number of sprays in the market but Viga delay spray is one of the most popular and liked spray.

Super Viga for men is in high demand because it is not only cheaper than other brands of its kind but is also better in quality. If you are looking for a good delay spray in Pakistan then super Viga spray is the best of all.

Viga spray is known by the name of Viga strong, Viga strong etc. Super Viga spray with vitamin E is also very popular in Pakistan because vitamin E is known to in crease sexual power in men. It increases male virility and vigor so men tend to eat food rich iin vitamin E.

Benefits of Super Viga Spray

There are lot of benefits of Viga spray that men can have by using it:

  1. By properly using Viga spray men can prolong their intercourse timings and have better control over their climax that can increase the pleasure for them and their sex partner.
  2. Viga for men can boost their confidence to a significant level because they will be totally in control of the intimate moments thus their ego and self-esteem gets a boost.
  3. Love between the two partners increases because due to better timing in sex both of them can get the required pleasure and satisfaction.

These were some of the benefits of Viga delay spray that you can have, in addition to this there are number of other benefits that you will experience yourself after using it.

How to Use Super Viga Spray?

The most frequently asked question is Viga spray how to use and we will try to guide you about it. Using Viga for men is very easy and you have to keep certain things in mind:

1. Wash your male organ properly before using Viga spray, it is good to do it though not must. Let's face the fact that when the mood is at its peak then most of us will hardly want to leave the place.

2. Just have 2-3 short sprays on the head of your male organ and if you think that your skin is less sensitive or is thicker then you can also spray it on the shaft to. since the head of the penis is the most sensitive part so that is why it is sprayed only on it.

3. Viga spray should be used 5-10 minutes prior to the intercourse so that it fully seeps in and get absorbed in the skin to provide the de-sensitizing effect that is required to stay longer in bed. In addition to this your partner will also not get effected with it.

The effect on your partner will be adverse because she will also feel numb and it will get difficult for her to reach to orgasm. So you must ensure that your partner doesn't get effected with it. So as a precaution you must use tissue paper to wipe away any extra trace of Viga delay spray from your male organ.

4. Shake well the  Viga bottle before using it, so that all the ingredients are properly mixed and you get the best results on using it.

5. Different men have different requirements, sensation level so there is no hard and fast rule of 2-3 sprays, it can be lesser or more depending upon the sensitivity level of your skin. You have to test and try it for yourself.

These were some of the important points to remember for using Viga spray to attain maximum benefits. I hope this information is enough to answer your Viga spray how to use question. If you need further information on this topic then you are welcome to contact us and we will happily answer all your questions about proper use of power Viga spray.

Super Viga Spray Reviews

Of course you would like to know what other people are saying about Viga delay spray before making any purchases. So we have added some of the testimonials and reviews about Viga delay spray:

We have several happy clients who buy Viga delay spray in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and all the major cities of Pakistan. Most of them are regular buyers but here we will mention the feedback by few of them who bought the product from us.

* I bought Viga spray in Karachi from Mans' Shop and found that the product sent to me was perfectly according to specifications and as advertised. I congratulate the team on providing excellent services and I would love to buy again from them. ----Asad Ali, Malir Karachi

* I was having some climax control problem and on searching online I came across Mans' Shop selling Viga spray in Karachi. I talked to them and on their recommendations I bought it and to my amazement it has done wonders to me. ---- Kashif Abbasi, North Nazimabad

* My problem was that I couldn't control my ejaculation and on the advice of a friend I decided to try some timing spray for better control. One of my office colleague told me about Viga spray and now I am totally satisfied. Mans' Shop online shop provided me with Viga spray in Lahore just within 2 days with good packing. ---- Faisal Butt, Defence Lahore

If you have used the product then we would surely like to have super Viga spray reviews from you for the information and knowledge of other people desirous of purchasing and using it.

For this purpose simply use the contact us form and send us your experiences, reviews of Viga spray so that public at large can get benefits from it.

Viga Spray Side effects

There are no serious Viga spray side effects reported till now. This is because it is an external use spray so no danger or longer lasting effects of using Viga . However following precautions can help you understand the side effects of Viga spray in a better way:

1. Since it is a desensitizing climax control spray that produces numbness to the male organ so it should never be used near eyes, nose or mouth. The best precaution is to avoid its contact with any other part of the body or organ.

2. Never exceed the required doze because over use of Viga spray can cause more than the required numbness and you may require longer duration to achieve second erection.

3. It is also advisable to wash your male organ after the intercourse that will also add to your general cleanliness and hygiene.

Viga Spray Price in Pakistan

Since the Viga Germany is an imported product so its price in Pakistan is naturally higher than the manufacturing country. The Viga spray price in Pakistan is inclusive of all taxes, duties and overhead expenditures like salaries, office rent, utilities etc of the Viga power spray sellers and distributors.

Since new super Viga spray is a high demand product so there are number of online sellers who are selling it online. Due to this competition the Viga spray price in Pakistan is most competitive and it is available around RS. 1500 or so inclusive of shipping and handling charges. Keeping in view the pleasure and benefits it offers I think this Viga spray price is reasonable enough for most of the men in Pakistan.

How to Buy Viga Spray in Pakistan?

Since the sex medicines are not openly sold in the market and medical stores so mostly they are available online. Due to this reason other male enhancement products like Vimax in Pakistan and similar item of Hammer of Thor is bought mostly online. If you are interested then you can also order hammer of thor online easily just with a few clicks of your mouse. Shopping of the said product online is the easiest and preferred method so you can also order Viga delay spray online easily. If you are one of the men who like to have more pleasurable intimate moments then order Viga online through the order form given above. After confirming your order on telephone, your parcel will be shipped to you on the postal address provided.

Since we care for our customers so we offer free shipping and a free gift. The whole parcel includes Viga spray price and no extra or hidden charges are incurred on you.

Buy Viga Spray in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other Cities

Online shopping of the product has made the things easier for desirous people. Now you can easily order Viga delay spray in Karachi, Viga spray in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad or any city of Pakistan using the method above.

Some people are skeptical of the Viga spray price in other cities. We want to clarify that every city enjoys the same price of Viga delay spray irrespective of the city or province. We use the best courier services like TCS/OCS and for some far flung cities, Pakistan Post is used to deliver the products. So you should be at peace of mind that you will get your desired product as quickly as possible. Since your satisfaction is the main stay of our online business so we will try our best to make you our repeat customer.

I am sure that all the information given above about Viga Delay Spray is more than enough for anybody who wants to know about it. If you need further information about Viga Spray then contact us and we will try to answer all your question about it.

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